News Article 5 – iPad mini sells 3 million copies

Part A:


Apple sells three million iPads in three days


Part B:


The billion dollar company “apple” has hit another gold mine. The new release of iPad mini struck little interest in people at the conference, but in the last three days they have sold three million of them. Lately the apple products like the iPod 5 gen and the iPad 3 gen with wireless sold 1.5 million copies while the iPad mini sold 3 million in three days. The iPad mini has 5 cm less than the regular iPad has 25 cm.

How is this related to technology?

This is related to technology since the iPad mini is an example of technology.

Part C:


Apple (positive) – because it already made so much money in three days then it will continue to profit

Google (both) – iOs will profit Google but their tablet will not sell so much

RIM (negative) – if they can’t sell their tablet as much as apple may not make any sale or get any popularity

Samsung (negative) – if they can’t sell enough to match apple’s sales then not a lot of profit

ASUS (negative) – if they can’t compete with apple’s sales

Microsoft (negative) – because windows 7 runs on the ASUS tablets and if they don’t sell no profit for them

Part D:


Do you think that apple will keep up with their sale even after Jobs died?

Yes, because I don’t think their items will drop because it amuses people because of the shape and the new technology that they’re coming up with.

Would you buy the new iPad mini even thought it’s just inches smaller than the real iPad?

Do you think making the iPad mini was a mistake from apple since it’s just a replica?

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