News Article 4- Black Ops 2 Leads

Part A:

Headline: Black Ops 2 leads Halo 4 in November’s US sales chart


Part B:


Black Ops 2 outsells all games in November to December, even beating Halo 4. Black ops 2 sold more than 1 billion copies in just 15 days, while it was released on all platforms, Halo 4 was exclusive only to Xbox but still had the second number of sales compared to all games released this November. Halo 4 sold 220 million copies on just the first day. 1st Black Ops 2 2nd Halo 4 3rd Assassin’s Creed 3 4th Just Dance 4 5th Madden NFL 13.

How is this related to technology?

It’s related to technology because Black Ops 2 is a game which is considered technology.

Part C:


Activision (positive) – It made the game

Bungee (negative) – they made halo 4 and if it doesn’t sell a lot they don’t make money

Ps3 (Positive) – If Black Ops sells more they might get more customers

Xbox- (Both) – They make money either way

Sony (positive) – since they own ps3

Part D:


Do you think this series of Activision keep on growing?

Yes, because their sales have been increasing since 2009, release of MW2 and I don’t think it will just drop so suddenly after making it worldwide.

Would you buy the top 5 games?

Would you buy a station that runs both Halo and Black Ops 2 or just one?

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