News Article 6 – Top 10 Google Doodles

Part A:

Headline: The top 10 Google Doodles of 2012


Part B:


When people look at a search engine they don’t see anything that enlightens them, they just use it to find what they’re looking for and not actually care to think about the search engine. But the multi-billion dollar company Google enlightens people before they got search for whatever they want. Google has made hundreds of Google doodles to commemorate controversial figures and important dates to remind people of history and provide a little knowledge. The top 10 Google doodles really impressed the world with their unique art or their playable tunes or surprises. 1st Google cooked up a doodle for Julia Child. 2nd a playable doodle to celebrate Robert Moog’s 78th birthday while playing some tunes. 3rd Google created a little playable scene for Star Trek 46th. 4th Google made a complex doodle that included 12 interactive programming puzzles for Alan Turing’s 100th birthday. 5th a doodle that has pull down panels, that was made in honour of the 107th anniversary of little nemo in slumberland. 6th Google made an interesting sepia-toned art piece to remember Charles Dickens. 7th Google made an interactive Halloween theme doodle that had a surprise between each door. 8th To honour earth day Google planted their name into the ground with flowers. 9th a simple doodle was made to remember Heinrich Rudolph Hertz, which was made out of waves. 10th an art piece of the brave Amelia Earhart 115th birthday as she climbs into the plane’s cockpit.

How is this related to technology?

Google is a search engine which is a piece of technology.

Part C:


Google (positive) – attracts more attention

Nexus (Positive) – Google can advertise their products

Apple (positive) – if they make a deal and ads with Google’s website

Bing (negative) – if they can’t provide a fun way to search the web

Yahoo (negative) – if they can’t enlighten people by using their search web

Part D:


Would you use any other search engine other than Google’s?

No, because I can easily navigate around the web with Google and already have some experience using other web engines that are not as good.

If Google didn’t give you the right results or always took u astray but would sometimes provide u with answers would u still use Google?

Do you think Google’s search engine would get more popular if they were to remove the ads and such?

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