News Aticle 7 – Far Cry Series Best Offer

Part A:

Headline: GameStop selling Far Cry, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 for under a fiver


Part B:


                The new released game Far Cry 3 has revoked the world and has broken all sales in the pc gaming becoming the most downloaded game for pc. And is now selling all 3 games for just less than 5 pounds. This is the greatest deal GameStop has ever presented and is now benefiting them hugely because of the sales. Originally Far Cry 3 is supposed to be sold at a fix price of 54.98 pounds but is now selling all three games from the series for just 5 pounds. This is either a mistake by GameStop or some sort of awesome way to make money.

How is this related to technology?

It is related to technology since it’s a video game.

Part C:


Activision (negative) – because this deal is making Far Cry 3 more playable and is less than quarter of the price all the other games are being sold at

Bungee (negative) – because Halo 4 is only playable for one console where Far Cry is available for all stations including pc

Sony (positive) – because the price is so low they gain from people buying Far Cry 3 and playing it on their console ps3

Government (positive) – can add more tax since it being sold so much

Ubisoft (both) – if a lot of people buy the game they benefit but if they sell at suck a low price but don’t get too much sales then at lost

Part D:


Would you buy this game?

Yes, because it has received a lot of good reviews, and a lot of sales on just pc alone.

Do you think this is a good decision by Ubisoft and GameStop to sell at such a low price?

Have you ever seen a deal like this before?

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