News Article 8- Ces Paper Tablet

Part A:

Headlines: CES 2013: Canadian researchers team up with Intel and Plastic Logic to create ‘paper tablet’


Part B:


                At the international event CES being held in Las Vegas where one of the biggest companies come and introduce their upcoming technologies. Intel, Plastic Logic, and Canadian researchers came together and developed a new item called paper tablet. The users have said that this tablet will revolutionize the new generation of tablets. These paper thin made tablets easily let you transfer files from other tablets by just tapping them together. You can easily open Pdf files that aren’t big enough to display the entire file by placing them together on the side of each tablet. These tablets are very flexible and are designed to be bended because most of the functions require you to fold the tablet so you can turn pages, forward.

How is this related to technology?

It is related to technology because a tablet is technology.

Part C:


Apple (positive) – since apple is already dominating the sales profit from making just tablets, they won’t have any competition and this will just inspire them to make better products.

Market (positive) – because this is the most portable tablet yet because of the ability to fold it and, making it display more than on a usual tablet

Dell (negative) – because their tablet is sold at a much higher and is still not being compared to iPad

Microsoft (negative) – because its supplying the new windows 8 on the dell tablet

Acer (negative) – because they are not making many sales and a new tablet that beats what they are making is harder to beat

Part D:


Would you buy this Tablet?

Yes, I would because it can be all put together to make a bigger visual display without having to zoom out.

Do you think this will affect the new tablets that are coming out now?

Is this tablet going to change the feature of tablets because of its ways to fold and the feature of transferring something from on tablet to another by just touching two of them together?

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