News Article 9 – Assassins Creed III Fun or not?

Part A:

Headlines: Assassin’s Creed III Has Vast Ambitions, but struggles with fun


Part B:


                Ubisoft yet again created another awesome Assassin Creeds Game the fourth in the series. The sales have beaten all old records of their older versions of the game but does it live up to be fun? The game is like a virtual world of assassins and more realistic than ever, the game uses fighting, gore, dancing, drugs, even sex, but does this mean it’s too realistic to be fun. Yes, this game is focused too much on the story of assassin rather than being able to play it freely like the older series. However this has not affected the sales and this game is still being rated higher than other games. So it is worth the money to buy it.

How is this related to technology?

This is related to technology because it’s a game.

Part C:


Ubisoft (positively) – this good has received good reviews so it will make lot of money from sales

Activision (negatively) – because if the reviews are more better than Black Ops 2 they will not make enough sales

Bungee ( negatively) – if Halo 4 does not make good sales then thay might not make profit

Ps3 (positively) – because to play the game they will buy ps3 so it will benefit Sony

Xbox (positively) – because to play the game they will have to buy Xbox ans that will benefit Microsoft

Part D:


Would you buy this game?

Yes, because the reviews have been awesome, and the previous series were really fun to play.

Do you think the series will keep growing?

Do you think this game is going to be fun or no?

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One Response to News Article 9 – Assassins Creed III Fun or not?

  1. Mangat Toor says:

    I think it is because i have played the game and finished and it was fun then some of the previous gmaes in series and i didn’t thought that it was too realistic to be not fun. Also you can play it freely as you want like the old series and you can do even more stuff like huting etc.

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