Halloween Story

                                                     The Shadow That Disappeared

Includes: Soul, Blood, Shadow, Candy, and Vampire.

This whole life has been a downhill, but this is it my final year in High School. I’m still pretty scared though, the whole Halloween thing, vampire and ghosts that stuff give me the creeps. Now don’t underestimate me I’m not a prissy little boy who is scared of the dark and Halloween. It’s just that I see things that normal people don’t see, what do you call it “I’m gifted I guess, or at least that’s what they think it is”. I can see souls and read mind of others “but it’s not as it seems, like it’s not cool that I could see souls and stuff because when you have such power it always comes with great responsibility”. Now you’re thinking what is that supposed to mean, well it means that whenever I see a soul it’s scary and everything blacks out in my mind and I can only see darkness and the soul. But when it’s a person’s mind I’m trying to read, I only see whiteness and this comes with a side effect, if I read his mind for more than 30 seconds I can faint right on the spot but if I don’t I need to eat candy “and when I say candy I mean a lot like a humongous amount” (½ of my backpack is filled with candy and ⅓ of my locker is filled with it) but it’s to boost up my metabolism again. Now I’m telling you this, because I’m in a hurry and I need you to understand that when I was little I had no control of this power, so I kept fainting when I was small, and this “Thing” was hungry for me. Now you’re wondering “a thing” what thing? Well this thing was a demon and my ancestors had the same power as me, well kind of they were a full vampire and I was a half-blood. A half-blood is a vampire who is under the age of 20 and can’t do as many things as a regular vampire like have super strength and can’t drink human blood because it will send us on a frenzy that’s why I live on animal blood. But otherwise there is not much difference between a normal vampire and a half-blood. Well back to the demon, somehow this demon was captured by my ancestors using an ancient tomb pot which can take the body and soul of anyone (even a vampire) and trap it into the pot. Now no one knows but this pot was stolen and the vampires that were guarding this were attacked by group of humans. Now no one, except our family knows about this pot, so how did they know. But now this thing this demon has escaped and is on the loose and it’s supposed to be more powerful than vampires. So how do I come in to this, well I’m the only half-blood in British Columbia, and the demon needs to bring back his full strength, so he needs to suck on a half-blood to bring back his strength, because our blood is the strongest amongst the vampires. Now I’m pretty scared about this thing coming after me and well ripping me apart to shreds like I was made out of paper.  But my family is made of two grandparents (now don’t underestimate them, since the older the vampire, the stronger) my parents, my two uncles and my three big brothers. So it’s pretty neat how they’ve come to defend me, but I don’t want them to get hurt for the sake of me. Right now I’m in school, beside my girlfriend… and my girlfriend is staring at me? I look around everyone is staring at me… “Now would you please answer my question Mr. Jacob, if you’re done daydreaming?” Mr. Etherwatt my English teacher said. I answered by saying “oh umm ….” “Never mind Mr. Jacob, now if you don’t mind shall we continue our lesson” “umm sure?” Mr. Etherwatt happily continued his lesson. I day dreamed a little more about how I or my family would fight, that “thing”, that “demon” or whatever it’s called. But there is a catch if this thing misses its prey (that means me) it won’t ever come back haunt me. Then it will go to some other part of the world, to search for another half-blood, but I’m just happy that it will leave me alone, but after it leaves me it will go feast on another half-blood. I really feel bad for both sides, since either way someone is going to die except that somehow someone manages to capture it in the ancient tomb pot. Now this demon, no one has seen it except my ancestors who captured It, and rumor has it that it is a hideous beast, and it isn’t a vampire, the saying that ancestors left us with is that “When the day rises, thus becomes mortal, when twilight it becomes a haze that fades into the fog, thus so fast no one can see it”. Now “Mr. Hyde” yes, I’ve given this thing a name, that relates to how it fights, it only rises in the dark and strikes from in the shadow from behind, so I have thus given it a name Mr. Hyde, since it seems professional. “Briinnnnnggg Briinnnnggg” the bell rings it’s just loud enough to stop me from daydreaming.  “Now now, kids the bell has rung but the class hasn’t ended” all the kids make moaning sounds of depression, because it’s the last block and today is Halloween. Yes Halloween and now if you remember, Halloween is when the dead rise and people don’t really believe that. Well let me tell you it’s true, but not really they don’t rise it’s only their souls and its only vampire’s souls that rise. Now if you remember my power, I can see souls and know whatever they’re thinking by reading their minds and I can easily communicate with them by doing this. So I’m waiting for this class to end and then nightfall so I can communicate with my ancestors and how they caught this beast. Suddenly, everyone was gone me and my girlfriend were the only ones there. She put her head against my shoulder and and let out a deep sigh, now my girlfriend was pretty scared for me too. Her name is Katherine she is 17, one year younger than me. Even though she wasn’t a vampire, she was still informed about me being a vampire I really didn’t want her to know, but what could I do she was about to get shot by this robber and I didn’t just want her to die. Then I looked down and Mr. Etherwatt was there at the bottom and by reading his mind I could tell he was waiting for me and I really didn’t want to talk to my math teacher how I was daydreaming in his class. I approached Mr. Etherwatt and then walked away like he wasn’t waiting for me. Then he called “Jacob can I have a minute with you”, I sighed and then walked up to him “I’m concerned about your well being and how you will pass this class” “I’m fine I’m just having a tough time at home, but it’ll be alright… umm see you tomorrow”. After that I literally ran out of the class, and told my girlfriend for the hundredth time how it’s so annoying to read a person’s mind and then have him or her say it to you again. While everyone was getting ready for the Halloween parties, I was waiting for sun to set so I can, talk to my ancestors. I held Katherine’s hand and walked down the hallway. My family came to pick me and Katherine up. Then I went home discussing things with my girlfriend and how it would be like if I died and what would she do. She kept weeping whenever I brought this up. Then I went home ate (drink animal blood) and now the sun was about to set now I had an option of just fighting with my family and trying to defeat the monster or first take the risk of going to the graveyard to gather intellect about how my ancestor captured this thing. Finally the sun set, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go visit the graveyard and take the risk of him attacking me or I would defend myself with my family and defeat him.

(Heres a picture of my class)

Choose Your own Adventure

Option A Go to the graveyard to discuss about how I could defeat Mr. Hyde


Option B Defend myself and take a chance at Mr. Hyde


2 Responses to Halloween Story

  1. pmtamana says:

    1=liked that it was interseting.
    2=a bit to long.
    3=would liked to read the finshed story.

  2. pmrida says:

    1.I really liked the story and it was unique and different
    2. I think it does not have to be improved, its really good.
    3. I like the story/

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