Option A

The sun has set and I’m ready to make my move, I’ve developed a stratagem that works where I might live or not. My family will cover the outsides of the graveyard while I go in and speak to my ancestors. I brought Katherine with me; she was worried for me, and just didn’t want to leave me alone so I had to bring her with me too. Now, I’m in my SUV waiting for us to arrive there, my girlfriend is still weeping beside me and saying don’t go. Instead of saying yes I brought her hand closer to me and said “I’ll be fine” (when inside my heart I knew how disgruntled she was with me, and knowing this even I thought I wouldn’t survive). Suddenly my head got hazy, and I remembered the mind reading kicked in, so I looked around to grab some candy, but there was none (I remembered it was at the back of the trunk in my bac…pac…). When I woke up, it felt like I took a hit to the back of my head, I couldn’t see properly and everything was spinning. I yelled “Candy! Please anyone, please!” Someone got a handful and shoved it in my mouth as quickly as they could. It was Katherine; I got up and was felling perfectly fine. Then our car stopped I looked outside and the sign read “Baled Graveyard”, I waited for a second so my eyesight could adjust to the night, then in the distance I saw the souls wandering, my jaw dropped there were thousands of them too many to count. “Are you ok Jacob?” Katherine asked, I answered “I’m fine, but look outside” “look at what?” Katherine was confused. Then I remembered only I could see them and everything was black except the souls. “Never mind Katherine” “Stop scaring me like that Jacob” “Sorry” I replied. My dad yelled “here’s your stop”; I got off looked around and stopped using my ability. Then went to the front of the car and asked my parents how I was going to meet my ancestors, and they answered “well umm we don’t really know, you’re just going to have to figure this out on your own”. “What do you mean you’re my parents, help me out here” “sorry son, no can do”. Then I stepped away and they left to set up their strategy to defend me against Mr. Hyde. Then I said my bye and stepped back as I saw their car whooshing toward the back entrance, there was someone left behind and it was Katherine. “For the love of god why didn’t you go with them Katherine!” I yelled at her “I didn’t want you to get hurt” she exclaimed as she was crying now. “Ok, I’m sorry, Ok … but what makes you think that coming with me will help me”. She started crying even louder now, I walked toward her and gave her a hug. I whispered into her ear “I’m sorry, for yelling at you, sorry”. Then I held her hand and walked towards the graveyard. Now this place gave me the spooks, I was trembling not because it was scary but since it was freaking cold, and all I was wearing was a v-neck. Stupid me, isn’t this the time when the guy gives his warm fuzzy jacket to his girlfriend when she is cold? “Do you want my jacket?” “You can have it if you’re feeling cold?” Katherine said. “No, I’m fine” I answered like it was nothing. But to make up for the cold I was feeling, I kind of leaned my body towards her jacket so I could at least have one side of me that had warmth. It was hard to see, since all I saw was the green neon souls that flew in the air like a feather, and the cold light wind would drag them along, just like any other leaf. “Aooooooowwwwwwwwwww” It was a howl. At night, and it wasn’t even a full moon, this caused suspicion is me. I was on my toes and aware that something was moving onto us and quick. I told my girlfriend to run to the back exit and tell my parents, I knew they hadn’t setup around the graveyard since we had just come to the graveyard. At that point I realized this thing was fast and I couldn’t see it moving. And my girlfriend still hadn’t left me she was holding my hand as tight as she could, “I thought I told you to leave”. She nodded her head, there were tears coming down her pale cheeks. Then she started to run away from me. All I saw were shadows just shadows nothing else, then as I noticed it was Mr. Hyde. A moment of pause, is this hideous beast the demon? Is this it am I going to die? It was a werewolf it was airborne I didn’t have time to react to this I was just waiting for my death. Then it finally got to me and bam he cut open my face. I woke up, sweat was pouring down my neck my whole body was warm and there was nothing on my face. It was just a nightmare. Thank God, at last that shadow did disappear, and I never saw it again.

Here’s the picture of how the werewolf looked.


3 Responses to Option A

  1. pmgaurav says:

    good word chioce
    well detailed
    to long

  2. pmharjot says:

    I liked how the story had a lot of detail, cause it didn’t matter if it was long.
    Good start, wanted to read Option B.
    I liked how it was from the guy’s point of view, and how it wasn’t like the other stories.

  3. pmgureet says:

    Your story is great so far. You have great details and it’s really interesting.
    You could make it a bit shorter.
    I really like how this story was from the main character’s point of view instead of a narrators because its more detailed about how the person is feeling and what they are thinking.

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