Option B

The sun has set and we’ve guarded our house, all we hear is the bell that is being pressed by kids who are trick or treating. “Ding Dong” everyone is quiet in our house, and is silently waiting in the dumbfounded house. It’s a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except the snap of lightning quietened even the rain. The violent wind swept away the leaves, fall had left behind. Now all was awaited was a burst of energy that would spark remorse of our family. The death of me.This was much unexpected weather especially at Halloween. Everyone was waiting downstairs for our guest to arrive, yes Mr. Hyde. We knew we couldn’t decrease his rate of coming at me and ripping me apart. Katherine was upstairs with me she was distraught, as she knew I wasn’t a normal boyfriend, that would live happily ever after with her. I felt sorry for her and I would feel disgusted by myself if anything happened to her before me. Now I was in my room and preparing for the fight, I was drinking the animal blood like it was a smoothie. And thinking what would happen if I died, would anyone care, I know my girlfriend would be hurt the most, but what if no one cared about, what if this was just a joke to scare me (I wish it was really a joke), what if after I died, everyone would laugh behind my back. This was just a horrible way to die, I wondered how I even got here. But I guess I was having the time of my life with my girlfriend, I know I wasn’t a good boyfriend but whenever I saw my girlfriend crying, I couldn’t take it and just had to laugh at her, to make it look like I was laughing at her but I just wanted her to stop crying. She had been crying for the past hour and now the bottom of her eyes was becoming black. I told her to take a nap and said “everything’s going to be fine”. This calmed her down a little bit. And before I knew it, I was sleeping with her then suddenly at the middle of the night the thunder came down and shook her house. I and Katherine were both awake and by reading her mind I could tell she was startled just as me. I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed her and took her downstairs where everyone else was wide awake and my father said “he’s coming and fast”. I calmed myself down gave a goodbye kiss to Katherine then my mom took her downstairs to the basement. All the men and my grandma were in the first floor of our house. We were waiting for this monster when we hear a scream in the basement. I thought to myself Katherine and mom went downstairs. I rushed along with everyone downstairs when I saw this hideous beast standing in front of me 10 feet long hunched back and covered with black fur. Yes, you guessed it right a werewolf. There was this mist in the air and I knew it wasn’t the basement it was him, he attracted this haze everywhere he went no wonder people couldn’t see him. He called me “Come here half-Blood, in exchange for you I will give these two girls back. I knew I made a promise to myself, I wouldn’t let anyone get hurt especially Katherine. I stepped forward he dropped my mom and Katherine, and rushed towards me. He was fast as lightning, I couldn’t even see him then he was airborne he cranked his arm and punched me in the face, my family was standing there. I wondered betrayal they, weren’t going to help me. Then he took a leap onto my body and took his rigid nails and shoved them through my body. My body was divided into half as blood gushed out. I woke up; sweat pouring down from my neck, my whole body was warm as the sun. I was unsure at what happened. I ran through my house everyone was fast asleep. I checked my body for any scratches, there was none. It was just a dream.

Here’s a picture of how I imagine myself being a vampire, in the dark.



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