Comment Summary

Most of the comments suggested that I was too rushed and needed more eye contact. Manveer said that I needed more eye contact. The other comments suggested I was too fast with the slides. Huri said that I should’ve practiced switching the slides. Some comments suggested that I should’ve gone slower and was talking too fast. Akshay said that I should’ve gone slower. Overall most people liked the presentation.

Leadership Journal

1. My role models are Bruce Lee, my master, my parents, and my teachers. They all inspire me in different ways so they demonstrate leadership by teaching me, accomplishing their own dream, and never giving up.

2. I’m a leader in my own way, by standing up for other like one time a kid got bullied and I told the bullies to stop, helping others when they are in need like when my teacher needed help carrying things in and out of the car, and playing a role in my society by showing people what the right things are by setting an example as a role model to little kids to recycle.

3. I’m probably a positive leader because I stand up and show what’s right.

4. I can become a leader by always thinking positively and critically about things.

5.About how you’re one word or sentence can change others or inspire them in their own way with a blink of an eye.
Bruce Lee 1






22 Responses to Leader

  1. pmmanveer says:

    good information
    good pictures
    loud voice

    more eye contact

  2. imrajgarcha says:

    His voice was loud and clear.
    He had good info.
    Pictures were good.

    I would have put the photoshopped pictures in the prezi.

  3. Mangat Toor says:

    it was a good presentation
    I liked the font colour and also the video
    You could have added more pictures and videos

  4. pmjasan says:

    I liked your amount of information, your zooms, and your pictures. Next time make eye contact.

  5. pmharjot says:

    I liked how you spoke pretty loud, you had a lot of information, and how everything was layed out. One thing you could improve on is speaking a bit more clear.

  6. pmrida says:

    Three things I liked were you photoshop pictures, your overall presentation and your eye contact was pretty good. One thing I would change is that you could have spoken a bit more louder.

  7. pmjasleen says:

    It was a good presentation, you had a clear voice but should have made more eye contact.

  8. pmzainab says:

    3 things i liked/learned:
    I liked your volume, your information was good, and your text was easy to read

    1 improvement:
    you could have made more eye contact, but I thought it was overall very good.

  9. savech says:

    You had a well and clear voice
    You had great details.
    To improve this presentation you should make morer eye contact

  10. pmgurkirat says:

    nice pictures and good presentation. i think you should have had more eye contact and louder voice.

  11. pmananthu says:

    Good presentation, you talked loud and your photoshop pics are good but try to make better eye contact.

  12. pmfaraz says:

    your presentation was good
    try to make eye contact next time
    good photoshop pictures

  13. pmashneel says:

    Good information
    Loud voice
    Nice pictures

    Need more eye contact

  14. hrkrsn says:

    You had good information.
    the font was easy to read.
    The Bruce Lee video was interesting.
    You could have practiced presenting because you would switch the slide before it was done.

  15. pmaran says:

    it was a good presentation. you had a loud voice and good information.
    you need eye contact

  16. pmgureet says:

    Three things I liked about your presentation are that you had a good amount of information, you had a picture for each leader, and you spoke clearly. One thing I would change is that you should look up.

  17. pmdominic says:

    Presentation was clear and was also interesting, overall i liked it

  18. pmavneet says:

    3 things I liked:
    Nice pictures
    Text was easy to read
    Good video

    One thing you could improve in the future is to do more eye contact while presenting.

  19. nice format of the prezi
    was very clear
    nice pictures

    Could have gone a bit slower

  20. pmashneel says:

    Good information
    Loud voice
    Nice pictures

    Need more eye contact

  21. pmaysha says:

    I think your presentation was very well done and the zooms in there were great. I also liked all the pictures you included within the prezi but it would have been better if you had added your photoshopped images with it. You spoke really fast during the presentation so next time try and be a little slower but overall it was great.

  22. pmgaurav says:

    clear voice
    good videos

    more eye contact

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