Literacy Posters

Literacy Poster 2 Paragraph


In this literacy poster I tried to put all my creativity to work. In the background I used a old library that was filled with trees and mythological writing. I used the eraser tool and changed the shape of brush to look like leaves. Then I used a lens flare 105mm in the middle of the window and made the brightness 50%. Then I used the burn tool to darken some of the place and used the sponge tool to add a grey/metallic color to the pic. I also used the dodge tool to add some lighting effects that go well with the lens flare. I then added myself in and made it look like I was an angel with the opacity at 50%. Then in addition to that I added a halo to make it look like I’m an angel. And to finish off I added wings to match my slogan and the angel and made it 80% opacity. The challenge for me was my slogan since it was too hard to come up with a catch-phrase that was catchy. And the hardest part was trying to come up with something that you could call your own and not having someone else’s ideas.


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