IT – 10

1. What are the 2 main ways that people can earn money?

They can either get a job, or invest in stocks and such.

2. What is a stock?

It is a part of a company that u can own.

3. What are 2 ways that a stock can make an investor money?

By the price going up and then selling it or dividend.

4. What are 3 stocks that you purchased in your simulation?  What is the ticker symbol, price, and what exchange does the stock trade on?  Why did you buy this stock?

Google $683 (NASDAQ:GOOG) Because it is very unpredictable of how the price is going up or down

Apple $582 (NASDAQ:APPL) Because it makes a lot of money really quickly

Husky $27 (TSE:HSE)­­­ because a this company is involved in multiple businesses

5. What is the ticker symbol for

  1. Google GOOG
  2. Apple APPL
  3. Microsoft MSFT

From the companies above:

6. What company has the higher stock price?
Google does.

7. What company has the higher market capitalization?


8. In addition to stocks, what are other types of investments?

Bank, Canada saving bond, GIC, Real Estate, Mutual Funds

9. How is risk related to investments?

The more liquid the cash can get the higher the risk

10. What is a bond?

You lend money to a company and they you back with an interest.

11. What is a mutual fund?

Take clients’ money to purchase investments so they have more co-owners.

12. What is considered real estate?

Is buying property or land.

13. Rank the following stocks according to less risky….to very risky.

  1. Stocks – Bank Account
  2. Real estate – Canada Saving Bonds
  3. Bonds – GIC
  4. Mutual funds – Real Estate
  5. Bank Account / Savings – Mutual Funds
  6. GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) – Stocks


14. How do you know what stocks to buy?

Look at if the percentage is going up or not if it is then buy it.


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